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Week 3 Games to Watch for Washington Fans

Every game counts, and these are the biggest for WFT fans, in Week 3

Every Washington Football Team fan with a television, video device, and access to the game will be watching as their team tries to send the Buffalo Bills to 1-2 in Week 3 while advancing to 2-1 themselves. 

What about those who don't have access in their market? Or just can't watch the game because of scheduling conflicts? Here are the top three games going on this weekend for WFT fans. 

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Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants

This is going to be our, 'So You Can't Watch the WFT', special, since these two teams face off at the same time Washington will be playing Buffalo. 

The New York Giants gave the Washington Football Team everything they could handle last Thursday night. 

Not to be outdone, in another Week 2 loss, the Atlanta Falcons were within three points of the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fourth quarter. 

Two pick-six tosses by Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan later, and the Falcons lost in a blowout. The Giants can feel some of that pain as a flag on their defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence is largely to blame for their untimed loss to Washington. 

If two teams where literally anything can happen at any moment and both find new and creative ways to lose isn't enough entertainment for you, then perhaps the chance to do some early scouting on the WFT's Week 4 opponent (the Falcons) is. 

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

This is the Sunday Night Football matchup, so if you have access to a television, you can watch this game.

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If Washington doesn't win the NFC East outright, they may still find themselves in contention for a Wild Card spot, late in the season. 

This game features two teams in literally the same position. 

While many still predict the Packers to win the NFC North rather easily, the 49ers are in a dog fight with the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, and Arizona Cardinals. 

In easily the most competitive division in the NFL this year, the 49ers need a win because every loss outside of their group only makes their divisional games that much more important.

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Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

The easiest pick of the week is this matchup between two NFC East rivals. Either way, the WFT wins here, and they also lose in a sense, as one rival gets a win and another gets a loss. 

Both teams are 1-1, so one of them will have a division win and be in a tie for first place if Washington defeats the Bills. 

Really, the team you want to lose here is the one you feel most threatened by. But if the other team wins, do you feel equally threatened by them then? Interesting. 

Honorable Mention: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Los Angeles Rams