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Washington Injury Update: Interest in Cut Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore?

We will argue that the WFT has already invested a fortune into the cornerback position.

The New England Patriots are releasing former All-Pro cornerback Stephon Gilmore, and speculation connects pretty much all of the other 31 teams to the 2019 NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

He likely wants to join a contender. He likely wants a payday. The Washington Football Team can in theory afford him, and the WFT - 2-2 record aside - continues to fancy itself as a contender.

So ...

We will argue that the WFT has already invested a fortune into the cornerback position, and that not even the concussion sustained by rookie Benjamin St-Juste (WFT injury discussion here) merits a serious chase here.

There is an injury concern and an age concern; Gilmore, now 31, began the season on the PUP list and is not eligible to play until Week 7. 

Meanwhile, during that time, and all spring long, the cornerback made it clear he'd like a new and lucrative contract extension.

That surely remains the case.

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It stands to reason that Gilmore would like to join a Super Bowl contender on the level to which he's grown accustomed. As he wrote on Wednesday in a social media post:

"It is with mixed emotions that I announce goodbye to this great fan base. We enjoyed so much success together and you have been an incredible inspiration for my individual achievements. ... To Mr. (owner Robert) Kraft, the coaches, and the organization thank you for providing me with this platform and allowing me to be part of greatness. Most of all I want to thank my teammates who lined up next to me every Sunday with one goal in mind. Those moments on and off the field will never be forgotten."

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Maybe the WFT is that.

Gilmore is a two-time first-team All-Pro, a four-time Pro Bowl selection and a Super Bowl LVIII champion. Every time would find him useful. But we will guess that the WFT views itself as "full-up'' at the position - in terms of talent and finance.

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