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Could Sunday Be A Breakout Game For WFT Rookie LB?

Jamin Davis could be in for a monumental game Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs

First-round picks are expected to be the cornerstones of any franchise. Is Washington's Jamin Davis one yet? 

The former 19th selection from Kentucky is still finding his place in the league through five games. Overall, play has been inconsistent despite the hope of his role expanding following a season-ending injury to fellow linebacker Jon Bostic. 

WFT defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio isn't looking for Davis to become the next All-Pro defensive name in the league. It's about playing at a consistent level and not allowing the game to be "too much" in the X's and O's category.

"He's a great young man," Del Rio told reporters. "He cares a great deal. Probably cares a little too much. I'd like him just to say the heck with it. I'm going to make a play, you know?"  

This season, Davis has recorded just 13 tackles. Last week against the New Orleans Saints, he only recorded 13 snaps worth 23 percent of plays defensively. 

Del Rio believes part of the concerns with Davis' plays is his IQ over-analyzing offenses. Sometimes, playing reckless can go ways forward in proving the upside a team is looking for. 

"[He's] trying to be careful," Del Rio said. "A little trying to be careful and trying to be exact and I want him to let it rip a little bit."

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Before Davis can let it rip on Sunday, he must work that value in practice. Maybe that's part of the reason Del Rio has been hesitant in expanding reps for the young linebacker to begin the season. 

Keep in mind that Davis comes from Kentucky as a bit of project. An athletic freak in terms of combine numbers, he was only a one-year starter for the Wildcats' defense. Coming out of high school, he also took time to develop into a full-fledged starter. 

Del Rio continues to praise Davis one his work ethic and hours in the film room. Davis is a forward thinker and perfectionist, which means he must master the play in practice before allowing it to culminate on the field. 

"He's working hard," Del Rio said. "I look forward to him turning the corner as well. I think we will."

The Kansas City Chiefs might be losing steam at the right time for Davis to pounce. Currently, the Chiefs will be playing short-handed at the running back position with Clyde Edwards-Helaire out. The offensive line is also still trying to find consistency against the pass rush. 

Although the clean-cut demeanor of Davis is a marquee factor in his game, perhaps Del Rio allows him to "let it rip" against Patrick Mahomes. Who knows? Sometimes playing on the fly actually benefits a player's potential in the long run. 

Then again, what else does WFT have left to lose?