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Washington Scouting Report: How High Are Rookies Expectations?

The scouting thoughts of some football minds offer previews of Jamin Davis and the rest of the class.

The Washington Football Team's 2021 NFL Draft class is small. The expectations, however, are not.

The WFT training camp begins on July 27, and The Athletic has grabbed the scouting thoughts of some football minds to offer previews of Jamin Davis and the rest of the class. The quick thoughts of their anonymous scout (which we are parsing and condensing here) - and ours:

Jamin Davis, linebacker - First round, No. 19: "He’s a hard guy to figure out. … Just a freak tester. Just a freak, quality guy, instinctive guy. He’s good. ... There’s never one game where you sat back and said he dominated. When you watch (some first-round linebackers from the SEC), you’re like, ‘He’s making every third or fourth play,’ and you’re like, ‘Holy shit, he’s all over the field.’ With Jamin, you didn’t see that. You saw nice plays and you saw good plays and you saw quality instincts and quality tackles, but it just wasn’t on a wow factor — which is not bad at all. If you make plays, you make plays.”

Our take: We think it's important that the WFT find him a spot and leave him there. Eventually, he's a do-it-all. But for now? If "wow factor'' is what they want, letting him master one "wow'' at a time would help.

Sam Cosmi, offensive tackle - Second round, No. 51: “I had him in the first round as my fourth tackle in the draft. ... He’s got a chance to be a legit left tackle, maybe not (from) Day 1 but get his feet wet.''

Our take: The projection might made sense - but we think it's a much more long-term concept than some. We know scouts who didn't like him at all. So we lean toward the idea of him not even being a starter just yet.

Benjamin St-Juste, cornerback - Third round, No. 74: "Everybody is looking for big corners. It’s ideal depending on what kind of defense you want to play. But it’s also true that the taller you are, the more trouble you have playing off because you have to transition.''

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Our take: We agree with the scout on this idea of the mysticism of the 6-3 corner. Teams love "traits.'' Being tall is one of those. But being smart and being a ball-hawk matter, too. Luckily, St-Juste so far seems to have all three of those traits.

Dyami Brown, wide receiver - Third round, No. 82: “Think he’s a steal. I really liked him. I had him at top of the second round. I had him as my No. 1 guy as a second-tier guy.''

Our take: Washington’s depth at wide receiver is the beauty of this pick. The demands on Brown to make the immediate leap simply don't exist. Brown can come along slowly behind Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel and Adam Humphries ... and maybe we see it all paying off in December.

John Bates, tight end - Fourth round, No. 124: “(Bates is) never going to be dynamic. Not going to be pretty, not going to be special, but he’s going to be just above average in all facets of what he’s asked to do as a tight end. ... (But) his blocking, in my opinion, was his best attribute. ... (though) he just had no clue what he was doing. They don’t teach those poor kids in college how to block.”

Our take: Washington needs a No. 2 tight end. Bates may get the job by default. Not the highest of praise, but this is a player drafted in part due to his "want-to.'' It's a start.