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Where Does Washington Stand in NFC Playoff Race?

Following back-to-back wins, WFT is climbing the ladder towards postseason play

November is traditionally when we start talking about the NFL Playoffs for some teams, and the draft for others. 

For the Washington Football Team, we were talking about both, not too long ago

The way things play out, it was bound to happen the conversation would turn in one direction or another, based on what the team did on the field. 

Following back-to-back wins, and the first WFT winning streak of the season, eyes are firmly set on postseason play. 

With their second upset victory in as many weeks, it would surprise no one if Washington opened Week 12 as favorites at home on Monday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks. 

Instead, WFT is a one-point underdog to start the betting week. 

Still, being counted out has not in recent weeks stopped Washington from putting on a game-winning performance. No, usually the only thing stopping the WFT roster from pulling out a win has been … the WFT’s own performance.

But this is a trend that’s been reversed in the past two weeks.

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With the Dallas Cowboys losing on Sunday, and the Philadelphia Eagles winning, the Washington Football Team currently stands at 4-6 on the season and third place in the NFC East, three games back of the lead.

The New York Giants play Monday Night Football against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team Washington just defeated last week, but even if the Super Bowl champs lose another one, WFT stays in third place due to the tie-breaker they hold over the one divisional team they've played this season.

From a playoff perspective, WFT is currently 11th overall in the NFC after Week 11's main slate of games. Again, if New York wins tonight, they move into a record tie, with Washington holding the tie-breaker.

So, no matter what, Washington will sit 11th after the week is finalized, and have now climbed four spots in two weeks after being second to last just above the Detroit Lions not too long ago.

At 4-6, the team sits just behind a pair of 5-6 teams (Eagles and Carolina Panthers), and one 5-5 team in the San Francisco 49ers. 

If there's a downside, it's that the Washington Football Team faces the third-toughest remaining schedule in the NFC.

Only the Minnesota Vikings, currently in sixth place in the NFC Playoff race, and Seattle Seahawks (15th) have a tougher schedule of remaining opponents.

It's going to take strong performances that many won't expect out of the Washington Football Team to earn a second straight trip to the NFL Playoffs. But that's exactly what the team's coaches and players have been producing, since they came out of their Week 9 bye week. There is reason to believe it can be done again.