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WFT's Logan Thomas Grows From Changing Positions To Cashing In

Now an experienced, well-compensated veteran, the WFT's talented tight end reflects on his future

From quarterback to tight end to Washington Football Team locked-up star.

It could be said that WFT's Logan Thomas outplayed his two-year deal last season, compared to expectations. The former Virginia Tech quarterback went on to have the second-most receiving yards on the team and the seventh-highest total amongst NFL tight ends.

The reward for exceeding expectations: Thomas this week signed an extension to stay in Washington for three more years.

“I think I was just consistent,” Thomas said on why he thinks he earned an extension. “I was one of those guys on Sundays where I made the plays when the ball came to me and was just dependable.”

Moving forward, the six-year NFL veteran wants to continue helping his teammates in need of guidance on the field, with the mindset of "how can we get better?". While Thomas has grown into a teacher and a veteran, he sees himself equal to all his teammates in the locker room.

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“I speak the same way to. . .the top paid to the lowest paid guy. . .that’s just who I am,” Thomas said.

For Thomas, re-signing with Washington hits home, literally. He grew up a Washington fan and is from Lynchburg, Virginia.

“I grew up loving this team, watching them every Sunday,” Thomas said. “To come back home and be a part of this. . .is a blessing. . .I’m so very thankful to have the opportunity to push this team to where we want to go because the ultimate goal is the Super Bowl.”

He’s right. The ultimate goal is the Super Bowl and for the foreseeable future, Thomas will do everything in his power to achieve that goal. 

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