Washington Football Team To Stay?

Chris Russell

Washington Football Team President Jason Wright told ABC-7 and my pal Scott Abraham that the team name "Washington Football Team" could be around for longer than most fans and pundits think. 

“I think next year is fast because of how the brand has to come together through uniforms, through approval processes through the league," Wright said to Abraham. 

"Next year is fast. There is a pretty good chance we will still be the Washington Football Team next season. We could get there quicker, it’s actually pretty hard to get there that quickly because of all the steps that need to happen.”

A couple of things here:

Wright is very accurate that this process takes much longer than people realize and anticipate because of all of the steps that you have to take and boxes you have to check. 

Combine that with the sheer enormity of the rebranding process and the amount of money that went into stripping FedExField and the Inova Sports Performance Center of all the old branding while simultaneously installing the new branding at both locations and you have an enormous project and cost.

Does the organization really want to go through that again so soon?

This will be an unpopular opinion but I don't really want them to change the name again. 

It was hard going from the old name to the current Washington Football Team moniker. 

Sure - some media people poke fun at the name by calling them simply 'Football Team' but whatever. Who cares, really? 

"WFT" kind of rolls off the tongue, now. 

I like the logo. I like the "Established 1932" and I begged them to change everything but the burgundy and gold colors. 

In other words, I am more than fine with not hearing about the "Warriors" or the "Red Wolves" anytime soon.

I wouldn't mind Red Wolves at all but it's not as if I need a new team name. 

Then again, the organization is not marketing to me. I don't buy merchandise or gear. I don't wear apparel that helps you sell more. 

So essentially my vote doesn't count but if they're reading this - count me in for never going through a name change again and also never, ever having a summer as awful as the last one was. 

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