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Washington Football Team Trade Need: Bears WR Anthony Miller?

What would Anthony Miller's job be? To be the fifth receiver? To compete for the job as the fourth receiver?

It occurs to us that the Washington Football Team, under coach Ron Rivera and staff, have spent the 2021 NFL offseason looking honestly in the mirror and upgrading, piece-by-piece, what the roster needed. As much as any spot, it seems clear that such a self-examination was done at the wide receiver spot.

So why is it being suggested that the WFT needs to trade for another wide receiver?

The gang over at Bleacher Report recently proposed "one trade each NFL team should make'' and it's great fun ... as long as the purpose with it is to have "fun.''

But beyond that, why, exactly, should Washington "offer a third-round pick to the Chicago Bears for wide receiver Anthony Miller''? B/R's logic: "Washington Football Team somewhat fixed the accusation that No. 1 wideout Terry McLaurin was forced to be a solo act by adding Curtis Samuel in free agency. ... Sniffing around the Bears and speculation with Anthony Miller would be a suitable approach for the front office. Grabbing a second-round product with upside to start in the offense over the summer isn’t the worst gamble in the world.

Washington might have some competition or might be content to see if Miller hits the open market, but if the goal is reaching the playoffs again and still building for the long-term, guaranteeing his acquisition could be a savvy move.''

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Sorry, but we don't get this. On any level. To wit:

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*We don't understand why it's important to mention that Miller was once a second-round pick and, given the fact that he's been short of a success in the NFL, how that translates to giving up a third-rounder.

*We don't understand how B/R sort of brushes off the fact that this would be a rental. The fact that Miller is in the final year of a contract is an unattractive aspect of this, and not the opposite.

*We don't find it "intriguing'' at all to wish to explore the "upside'' of a 26-year-old player who caught a pedestrian 49 passes last year.

But most of all ...

*Washington employs Terry McLaurin as the No. 1 wideout, and just used free agency and added Curtis Samuel and Adam Humphries, and then drafted Dyami Brown. What would Miller's job be? To be the fifth receiver? To compete for the job as the fourth receiver?

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We've seen it suggested that Miller could take the spot of Humphries, who could be cut - an odd concept, given that we believe both players make about $1.2 million in 2021, meaning there would be no benefit to that swap-out.

Washington's look in the mirror has provided it with talent and depth at wideout. Barring a serious injury, the look at trades will likely be at other spots.