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Washington Camp: Why Chase Young Must ‘Destroy’ Rookie Cosmi

The Washington Football Team is a healthy football program. Young and Cosmi show it.

It is a football tradition - or it is, at least, for healthy football programs.

The Washington Football Team is a healthy football program.

“Yeah, somebody like Sam, I feel like the best thing I can do for them is just to give him everything I have, just to give him my best,” says WFT star defensive end Chase Young, talking about daily camp work against rookie tackle Sam Cosmi.

Sometimes this tradition is about guys who play the same position developing a brotherly relationship, with the older guy helping the younger - even as the younger is trying to steal “big brother’s” job.

Other times, it’s about offense vs. defense, and about challenging one another on every practice snap.

For Young, he says, giving his best means … what?

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“If it’s going in every day and destroying him, then that’s what I have to do,” Young said. “That’s what I expected last year; Morgan Moses strapped me up every play.”

Young is recalling his brilliant rookie season of 2020, when the prized first-rounder lined up daily against veteran right tackle Morgan Moses.

Moses is gone from the WFT now; change is also a football tradition.

But Moses (now with the Jets)?served the franchise well as he helped Young grow to the point he became the NFL’s best rookie and maybe the best player on WFT’s impressive defense.

Washington rookie second-round pick Cosmi is getting first-team snaps at right tackle in camp while Cornelius Lucas is out. Maybe Cosmi will win the job sooner rather than later. Maybe he can be to the O-line what Young is to the D-line.

That will take fast learning from Cosmi, and intense teaching from Young - a football tradition on a good team fighting to get better.