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WFT’s Hurney on Rivera: ‘I Know What He Wants’

They've been busy reshaping the Washington Football Team front office but now we finally have some of their thoughts as Martin Mayhew and Marty Hurney are united.

ASHBURN, Va. -- It's a 'Marty Party' in the Washington Football Team front office moving forward in 2021 with Martin Mayhew as the general manager and Marty Hurney as Washington's Executive VP of football/player personnel. 

Neither executive has been made available to the media yet because they have been in meetings over the last week or so trying to develop a plan for what they have, what they need and how to go after it. 

Both men are at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama evaluating the top senior talent and identifying who might be able to help sooner than later. 

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The status of Kyle Smith, the VP of player personnel is still up in the air. As we reported last week, he is fully expected to depart the organization. The exact timing and new location is not known at this point. 

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Now that a good part  of the front office reshuffling is complete - it's time to see how the two will collaborate with each other. Also how each will click with Ron Rivera and what exactly the dynamic will be. 

As for Rivera - there will be no adjustment for the two former Carolina Panthers. It's just a different location and a switch in terms of who reports to whom. 

In Carolina, Rivera worked under Hurney during Hurney's first stint as GM. When the former Washington PR employee turned NFL executive came back and over the same role after being fired in 2012 - the two worked together and were essentially on the same line. 

In Washington, it's Rivera's show but Hurney seems totally fine with that. 

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"I know what he wants," Hurney told Julie Donaldson

"Ron is very direct.....that clarity and that communication helps everybody....Coming in, I know exactly what he wants....The opportunity to work for Ron, and just know what he's about not only as a football coach but as a person is going to be special to me," Hurney said. 

"Ron has always had the same philosophy. He is not only a great coach but he's an excellent evaluator and he has a great feel for the big picture," Hurney also mentioned. "It was not a surprise," to see the success in year one under Rivera. 

As for his new tag-team partner and make no mistake -- they both report to Rivera and in this case they're both essentially equals. 

"Just Martin's personality. We see things similarly," Hurney told Donaldson. "We work with people well. It's been such a natural fit."

While Hurney and Mayhew have never worked directly with each other in this role, they were both in the organization at the same time when Mayhew was a player in Washington and busy winning a Super Bowl.

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"It's special to be back here in Washington,” Hurney said, “and working together and trying to win a Super Bowl."