Washington Football Team's Woeful Offense

How bad is the Washington Football Team's offensive unit through seven games? The answer? Real bad. The good news. It was a lot worse.

Here's where the Washington Football Team ranks compared to the rest of the National Football League in terms of every major statistical category on offense and defense through seven weeks of the season. 


Quite simply, it's a massacre on offense because every part of the unit has been inconsistent at best, if not bad. 

There's no doubt they are better with Kyle Allen than Dwayne Haskins. Period. 

To average less than three-hundred yards per game and to be over 70 yards below the NFL average is hard to put in perspective. 

Yards are yards, but they do indicate how well you're moving the football. Not well enough over seven games. That's for sure. 

The yards per play discrepancy from the NFL team average (5.64 to 4.56) is eye-opening. 

Other numbers that jump out? Washington's sack per pass attempt percentage is 10.7% compared to the NFL's average of 6.39%. 

What that tells us is that for every ten passing attempts through seven games in 2020, the WFT is taking a sack. 

It goes without saying but that's egregious. 

Washington's offense has been so much better on third down the last two weeks and yet they are still sub 40% on the season and well behind the league standard. 

They are 17/30, 56.6% in the last two full starts for Allen. Before that, with mostly Haskins starting but including the Rams game in which Allen started and Alex Smith replaced him, Washington was  20 - 67 or 29.8%. 

In other words, their season total has risen by more than 8% in the last two games. Promising but a lot of work still to do. 

The current third-down success rate of 38.14% is better than 32.35% in 2017, 36.41% (2018) and last year's pathetic 29.05%. 

While Washington's red zone offense is just a hair below the league average, which is a huge jump from previous years, they still must improve in goal-to-go situations like Sunday's failure on fourth-and-goal from inches out. 

This year at 61.9% in the red zone, is a significant jump from the four seasons previous at 45.90% (2016), 54.35% (2017),  52.50% (2018), 48.78% (2019). 

Finally - points per game. Washington is more than a touchdown behind the NFL scoring average of 25.4 at a even 19.0 points per game.