Jay Gruden, Alex Smith Auditioning for FOX & CBS TV Jobs

Two big-name former Washington Footballers have recently auditioned for network NFL gigs. Two other former players are in the mix as well.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- A bunch of former Washington Football Team guys are getting their opportunity at a big chair for network television NFL auditions, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

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Alex Smith, Jay Gruden, Mark Sanchez and Joey Galloway all served time in Washington in various forms. 

Smith, having just retired from the NFL, is all of the sudden outspoken and sharp with criticism after being considered a super-nice, bland interview for much of his career. 

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He would make sense because he looks good when on camera, he's smart and obviously everyone knows what he's overcome. He would be instantly relatable to NFL fans and it would allow him to connect with the game in a way that requires much less time than being a quarterback or a coach. 

Smith does not have a booming voice or personality like Tony Romo, but we can see him as an analyst.

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Galloway, who was here in 2010, has experience with ESPN/ABC as a college football analyst. We’ve never found him to be all that interesting but apparently someone does.

Mark Sanchez was in Washington for part of the disastrous 2018 season after Smith was hurt. He was signed the next day as Washington had two quarterbacks in the entire building, Smith and Colt McCoy. 

Sanchez also has college football analyst experience. 

Jay Gruden, in our opinion, would be the best choice by far. FOX was smart to show the former Washington head coach some interest. 

Gruden's best role in our opinion would be a studio role because of his sense of humor and wit. He'd be good in the booth but the freedom of a studio role might be best. Yes, we think he’d be better than Terry Bradshaw, not that he sets the highest bar.