The Washington Redskins don't have the best reputation around the NFL as an organization with a lot of promise. For years, they've been labeled as a team one goes to to in order to secure the bag, and not one where the chances are great to secure a Lombardi trophy.

Last December, Washington released safety DJ Swearinger for making comments critical of the coaching staff to the media. It appears he didn't get everything out.

Through Instagram, via Reddit and Twitter, Swearinger made a statement about the the issues he has with the Redskins' staff.

"That coach y'all have will never win big cause it ain['t] in him to coach discipline.. it ain['t] in him to chew somebody out in pactice cause they lacking.. when u say I'm a cancer for wanting to practice harder or wanting to coach harder just to win then winning prolly not for you or you don't understand that hard work pays off."

Those sentiments are things that have been lobbied at the Washington coaching staff before by Swearinger. The undisciplined play and lack of attention to detail over the course of the Gruden era make it hard to dispute.

Related, a few hours after Swearinger made these comments, he has been released by the Arizona Cardinals. Perhaps he will move into an analyst role in broadcasting if he has any problems finding a new football home.