News: Redskins' QB carousel continues, where it stops, only Jay Gruden knows

Burke Downer

Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden will not name a starting quarterback before Wednesday as the team prepares for the New England Patriots. With Case Keenum in a walking boot, the battle appears to be between Dwayne Haskins and Colt McCoy. The Redskins didn't run any first team offense on Tuesday, so there's no big hint yet, other than Gruden seemingly being unsold on Haskins. 

Outside of the quarterback position, Vernon Davis has been placed in concussion protocol alongside Jordan Reed, ant there's no telling when either will return. Cam Sims has been brought onto the active roster after a long battle back from injury and lack of opportunity. And one reporter refutes Steven A. Smith's assertion that Gruden has quit on the team. That and more in Tuesday's daily news roundup.  

Gauging if Patriots defense is historic or opportunistic, what they do to rookie QBs :: Redskins Maven


The Patriots defense hadn't allowed a single offensive touchdown until Week 4. That stat is the fruit of both ability and opportunity. The Patriots have played bad teams, and bad quarterbacks, and they were ready to take advantage. Here's hoping that trend stops with Week 5. 

The Redskins haven’t decided on a starting QB, and frustration is starting to build :: Washington Post


The biggest Redskins story of the week is 'who's going to start at quarterback?' As of Tuesday, Jay Gruden's not telling. Case Keenum was back in his walking boot while Dwayne Haskins and Colt McCoy split 7-on-7 snaps, not a real indicator of who's lined up at No. 1. Wednesday should be more telling. 

Redskins Promote WR Cam Sims To Active Roster, Sign WR Darvin Kidsy To Practice Squad ::


Sims, who was injured for most of 2018 has been waiting for shot, and here it is. It is yet to be seen whether or not he'll be active for game day, but he could make his debut and help out on special teams. 

Tabasco shots, baths and gross gloves: The best rituals and superstitions on all 32 NFL teams :: ESPN


Every team, shoot, almost every player has their own pre-game rituals. ESPN dove into locker rooms around the league to find the quirkiest. For the Redskins, that honor belongs to Chris Thompson. 

Don't forget the whipped cream for Chris Thompson

The third-down back must eat the same breakfast every Sunday before games: waffles, with blueberries and raspberries and whipped cream and then an omelette filed with bacon, peppers, cheese and avocado. The hotels have accommodated him every time -- except for one.

"One time at the hotel they didn't give us whipped cream and they couldn't get me any," Thompson said. "My whole mood was thrown off from there. I couldn't get any. I don't remember how I played, but I remember just being mad that morning." -- John Keim

Redskins Injury Update: Vernon Davis placed in concussion protocol :: Hogs Haven


That's not a typo. Davis joins fellow tight end Jordan Reed in concussion protocol. There's not time-table for return, and the Redskins will have to turn to a youth movement in the veteran duo's absence. 

You can say a lot about Jay Gruden this year, but stop saying he's quit on the Redskins :: NBC Sports


Taking a quote from Steven A. Smith and building a sentiment off it is dangerous territory; Smith is paid to make mountains out of mole hills, to shout whatever he thinks will get the most clicks. That said, Smith seemed to have some real insight when he said that Gruden would be fired following the Patriots game. And while that may be true, Peter Hailey is convinced he hasn't quit. 

Anyone in the room with him after the Giants trounced the Redskins in Week 4 knows he's still very invested in the season, even if the on-field performance suggests otherwise.

Dwayne Haskins on Tom Brady's documentary series "Tom vs. Time" :: ESPN


Haskins, who's still learning the ropes in Washington, considers himself a student of the game, and if you're going to study the quarterback position, Tom Brady is a good starting point. 

"You look at him and that's what a quarterback is supposed to look like." Haskins said. Haskins also still refuses to say the word "Michigan."

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