WATCH: Former Washington Football Greats Tour RFK One Last Time

One last dance at venerable RFK Stadium for some of the legends of the Washington Football organization.
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ASHBURN, Va. --  They used to make the metal stands shake, rattle and roll. So much magic was created on the playing surface that made Washington into an iconic franchise.

It's been a long time since it's been that way and a long time since an NFL game has been played at RFK Stadium.

However - for one day - some of the legends that made the old barn on the Anacostia shake were able to rekindle some of that history and appreciation.

This week Dexter Manley, Mark Rypien, Rick Doc Walker, Doug Williams and others were able to tour RFK Stadium on the playing surface one final time.

The once vibrant cathedral now sits empty, rotting away and decaying against the course of time and it's ultimate fate. 

The stadium is expected to be knocked down in  late 2022. It was originally supposed to be this year but that did not happen for various reasons.

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What will come of the valuable property that the facility sits on is unknown as of this point, at least publicly, and if someone actually knows - they are doing a hell of a job keeping a big secret. 

It's highly unlikely that is the case. There's still so much work to be done just to get the old barn to its final resting spot. 

And then of course will come the big question. Is there any chance that a new stadium will be built on the grounds of the old one? That's the billion-dollar question and perhaps that's just one of the reasons Jason Wright was there. 

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Maybe he needed the history and the nostalgia to run through his veins one time to truly understand why that facility and that location is so important to the history of the franchise he runs and the future that he holds.