Washington TE Reyes Learns From 10-Year Vet Logan Paulsen

Logan Paulsen was undrafted in 2010 and turned that into 10 years. Sammis Reyes can only hope for the same, so he turned to Paulsen for guidance.
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ASHBURN -- Sammis Reyes stepped onto the practice fields at the Inova Sports Performance Center on Friday and Saturday for the first time in front of media.

Reyes, one of two new tight ends for the Washington Football Team added this offseason, looked impressive at times over the two-day NFL rookie camp playing against air. 

He also had his learning moments.

On Friday, Reyes dropped an easy catch, a simple lack-of-concentration mistake that happens ... but obviously stands out considering the circumstances of who was around defending him (nobody) and who was watching the stern eye of tight ends coach Pete Hoener.

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Reyes, the Chilean-born tight end hopeful, also made a circus catch, tumbling along the sidelines, and a few other grabs.

During the final session over the weekend, Reyes was running what appeared to be a go-route down the far sidelines. The ball sailed over his head and immediately one could see and hear the hard-core Hoener screaming at him (with words we can not use in this space) to instruct him to finish the route and not pull up.

It's all part of the learning process for the former basketball player-turned football prospect. 

 So is working with longtime NFL tight end Logan Paulsen.

Paulsen, a 10-year veteran, who was undrafted out of UCLA in 2010, worked his way into a long and productive career by being smart, humble and versatile. He could catch the rock and excelled in blocking. Paulsen also added an extra a factor on special teams.

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The former WFT tight end met Reyes through a mutual friend before he went to do his training and then hooked up with him again after Reyes' training program in Florida and after he signed with Ron Rivera's group.

"He is a good dude," Paulsen said of Reyes, who he also described on the radio recently as a tireless worker who faces a compressed time frame for learning technique and the tools of the trade. 

Reyes was asked about the arrangement last week and said, "He played in the NFL for 10 years, so he knows what he's talking about." 

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