What National Insiders are Saying on Trent

Chris Russell

I've had my say on Trent Williams. I'll continue to have my say because I like to expose B-S in the sports world. I see right through it and that makes people nervous. 

The Redskins need to cut the cord but they can't. They haven't been able to for a while. 

The main reason is because Williams and agent Vince Taylor have an unrealistic sense of his market. 

They want their cake and to eat it too. They think by issuing statements to the media that it will end things. Maybe it will? I don't know because it all depends on how pissed off Ron Rivera is in dealing with the nonsense.. 

Whatever Ron wants. Ron's going to get.  

Rivera got tired of dealing with Quinton Dunbar and poof! 

Trent Williams is a better player than Dunbar and that is indisputable, but at some point, you just have to cut your losses. 

Here's a round up of what the national media is saying about Williams and his situation. 

Wait just a minute! I thought Trent was going to play for the Redskins just because of Uncle Ron?

Or maybe it was the Redskins belief of a 'strong chance' which was just absurd! Whoever leaked this to the Washington Post must be laughing or uninformed. 

I don't know who gave these indications and reports to these outlets but nothing could be further from the truth. 

I've learned over my last 12 years covering the Redskins that just because someone tells you something, doesn't mean it's true and in full context. 

Here's what we were reporting all along at RedskinsReport.com.

From February 11th: "Remember this - just because the Redskins plan to have Williams in 2020 - doesn't mean they will. He is under contract, so it's easy to say that. If they can't agree on a contract structure - your plans are worth nothing."

Back to Russini's reporting:

So wait - Redskins coaches were supposed to meet with all Redskins players during a period of the NFL calendar when players are not required to be in the building and most are on vacation in different areas of the world?

Should they have done that over hiring a new staff or evaluating three years of tape to understand what they were inheriting?

I don't get it. 

One thing to keep in mind on this hope for the future that Williams has. Dan Snyder was furious with Williams for throwing the organization as a whole under the bus and essentially saying that Redskins management was treating black athletes wrong. 

If I was Williams, I wouldn't ever bet on coming home. I don't know if Snyder still is angry but if he wanted to stop Allen last year - he could have. If he wanted to stop Rivera and Kyle Smith this year, he could have. He hasn't and he won't. 

Then there's this wrap from Russini on the negotiation. 

Albert Breer of The MMQB mentioned this recently. 

I think I've mentioned this a hundred times as well, but many were not paying attention. 

"It seems simple but an acquiring team has to come up with a second-round pick (probably) and a significant amount of cash to secure Williams on a new contract." 

Oh well. The Redskins are still digging out of Bruce Allen's mess and I'm here to announce "cleanup on aisle 10!" 

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No. 1-1

Yeah, the ridiculous 20 mill a yr is one thing, but the combination of that and cries of racism would definitely give me pause. Maybe he'll get lucky and end up with his comrade in arms Miles Garret. Then Cleveland could sign Jussie Smollet as a kicker. They'd be set. Then they could blame all their losses on "RACISM!!" LOL