Where do WFT Fans Rank in Party Mode on Gameday?

Washington Football fans often have had a reason to numb their pain often over the last 30 years. How much? We go inside the numbers.
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ASHBURN --  Sports fans and Washington Football fans often complement their experience on gameday with alcohol, great food and possibly a little bit more.

According to a recent survey by Lines.com, a report stated that 'Whether at home or attending a live event, drinking is a staple for many sports fans. While watching sporting events, an average of 3.7 alcoholic drinks are consumed — MMA/UFC enthusiasts led the pack with the highest consumption level, compared to other sports.'

That last part is something that should likely not surprise anyone.

Nor should it surprise any person that sports fans drink more on average when attending games as opposed to watching at home.

According to the results by Lines.com, 49% of NFL fans binge drink on gameday, lower than UFC, NBA and maybe surprisingly ESports.

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And then there's other activities. The study, also broke down fans that smoked marijuana on the day of the event.

As the chart indicates, the Washington Football Team fans are fairly conservative compared to other fan bases.

Game-Day Drinking_ Which Sports Fan Consume the Most Alcohol_ - Google Chrome 4_10_2021 2_24_25 PM (2)

While 57% binge drink, 48% smoke marijuana on gameday according to the survey of almost 1,700 sports fans.

We know that a survey of such a small group of fans in a world with hundreds of millions does not show proper representation globally, but the results are still interesting.

The Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots fan bases rank among the lowest percentages in the entire NFL.

The Pats were lowest in both categories at 42% for binge drinking and 31% on the high side.

The Cowboys (not shown) were 46% and 34%, respectively. 

What do think of the grid; does it show a proper representation of what an average WFT football game is like? 

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