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Who Decides When Owner Dan Snyder Can Return to Run Washington Football?

The Washington Football Team has seen some major announcements recently regarding control of daily activities. Dan Snyder's lawyer has disputed one specific report.

There has been plenty of drama around the Washington Football Team over the last week.

On Thursday, the WFT was fined $10 million as a result of the league's investigation into allegations of a toxic workplace. Tied into the news about the news of the fine came owner Dan Snyder decision to temporarily remove himself from the day-to-day business operations of the club, ceding that control to his wife and new co-chief executive, Tanya Snyder.

The plan meant Dan Snyder would continue to attend games and continue to work on long-term WFT projects, including the franchise's search for a new team nickname and the development of a new stadium.

This move by Snyder was allegedly voluntary but that seems like a way for the owner to save face.

After the announcement, Mark Maske of the Washington Post reported that Snyder cannot return to being in control of day-to-day activities without the permission of Roger Goodell. But then a new wrinkle, as Snyder's lawyer claimed that was not the case.

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“Any suggestion that Commissioner Goodell must approve Dan Snyder’s return to daily control is false,” said Jordan Siev in a statement to ESPN. “Dan was not suspended, so by definition he does not need to be reinstated to any position.”

Despite the recent claim from Siev, the Washington Post is standing by the report that was made. Neither Goodell or Snyder has spoken out against the original report from Maske. 

During Snyder's absence, his wife Tanya, has taken over control of the day-to-day operations for Washington. She recently put out a statement saying, “I’m mortified to think that’s happening in our building and our business."

The multiple reports will have to work themselves out at some point moving forward. What we do know is that Snyder was not suspended by the league and because of this, his lawyer does not believe that he will need permission to return to have control of daily activities. But we might not know exactly how accurate that is until the day Dan Snyder opts to return - and whether he runs into obstacles at that time.

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