Locked On A Double-Dip Of Wins - Enjoy Them

The Washington Football Team went from lifeless to having a pulse in five days. How? We break it down on "Locked on Washington Football Team"
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ASHBURN, Va. - Wins don't come often under Dan Snyder's ownership. Two wins in five days? Cherish them. This club earned them - and has waited a while to accomplish something like this.

The last time was 2012, when the Washington Football Team won in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day, with Robert Griffin III advancing to the stratosphere on the big stage ... a win that was preceded by a blowout of the Eagles just a few days earlier. 

Washington went from 3-6 in a snap of a finger to 5-6 and before you knew it, they were on a magic carpet ride to a 10-win season and seven wins in a row. 

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It can happen that quickly, but ... there's a lot of work to do. 

They have to visit the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers next Sunday (we think?) at Heinz Field. The black-and-gold will be coming off of a short week as they are scheduled to play Baltimore now on Tuesday night. 

The Steelers are angry at the Ravens. They're not happy with the NFL, and the world might see them take that out on Baltimore on NBC Tuesday night (the present COVID-forced plan).

Could the Steelers then overlook Washington? Probably not, but the WFT's chances just went up from almost "no chance'' to an "outside chance'' at doing the seemingly unthinkable. 

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In our daily "Locked On Washington Football Team" podcast, we break down the win in Dallas on Thursday, one which put the WFT in a position to dream big in the Steel City. 

The players and some of the staff will have this weekend off before reconvening on Monday morning to prepare for Pittsburgh, who will still be 36 hours away at that point from wrapping up week 12. 

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