By Darian Somers
December 22, 2014

Hockey parents are awesome.

They drive countless miles, spend thousands of dollars and hours at the rink and tell you you’re doing a good job, even when you can barely skate. Normally the job is a thankless one. 

But one hockey player got to thank his dad for letting him follow his dream and did it in a cool way. 

In a Molson Canadian #AnythingForHockey promotion, Vitaly Lanochkin got to thank his dad by having some one-on-one ice-time on a beautiful rink built high in the mountains in a picturesque setting. 

Andrei Lanochkin moved his family from Estonia to Canada so that his family could have a better life and Vitaly could chase his dreams. 

Vitaly got to say thanks by flying alongside his dad to the mountain top rink. 

Check out the video here.


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