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Sunday’s Blackhawks vs. Oilers game was interrupted in a strange way. 

By The SI Staff
November 08, 2015

It’s usually hats—or if you are in Detroit, an octopus—that find their way to the ice during a hockey game, but in Sunday’s game at the United Center it happened to be something from the ceiling. 

With about 13 minutes left in the third period of the Blackhawks vs. Oilers game, the teams lined up for a faceoff that was slightly delayed as a sound recycler mat fell onto the ice.

Fortunately, the mat did not hit any player or official and was removed quickly by a linesman and grounds crew member. 


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It’s unknown what caused this strange occurrence, but according to the Oilers it was obviously the goal Jordan Eberle scored at the start of the period.

Chicago won the game 4–2.

Beth Maiman

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