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Nashville Predators goalie Carter Hutton flipped over after an open ice collision with the Buffalo Sabres' Marcus Foligno. 

By SI.com Staff
November 25, 2015

It’s not a rarity to see a goalie take a hard hit and tumble while in the net.

But during Wednesday night’s game between the Nashville Predators and Buffalo Sabres, Predators goalie Cater Hutton, who started in place of Pekka Rinne, had a particularly scary moment. 

As Hutton left the goal crease to go for a loose puck, he was met by Sabres leftwinger Marcus Foligno, who fell and slide right into the goalie. 

The collision caused Hutton to flip over completely and smash into the boards head first. 

Despite the cringe-worthy scene, Hutton stayed in the rest of the game, which ended up being a 3–2 Predators win. 


- Beth Maiman