Watch: KHL Team Surrenders Unluckiest Goal Imaginable on Delayed Penalty

There’s bad luck, there’s terrible luck, and then there’s this. 
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Allowing a goal after you’ve pulled your goalie on a delayed penalty situation is hardly unheard of, but rarely is it as unlucky as what happened to Avangard Omsk in KHL action on Sunday. 

A quick YouTube search brings up several examples of this happening in the NHL. In each instance, the own goal is the result of a careless play by the attacking team—an ill-advised no-look drop pass by Jiri Hudler; a pass with too much mustard by Loui Eriksson; a bank pass to an empty point by Patrick Kane; Dennis Wideman unable to corral a pass by the blue line. 

But Avangard’s own goal was the result of pure bad luck.

Mikhail Fisenko had the right idea to try to find Yegor Martynov for the one-timer. The puck just happened to glance off Andrei Stas’s skate at the exact right angle to send it down the ice toward the gaping net. 

That’s a brutal way to give up a tying goal in the third period, but Avangard bounced back to score two unanswered goals and win the game 5–3.