By stuhackel
January 20, 2012

By Stu Hackel

Whoever MAKAVELI719696 is, he/she has created something of a YouTube sensation with the video above.

The hugely clever -- but clearly anti-Bruins -- production runs 10-minutes-plus and intersperses John Stewart clips with footage of various soundbites and infractions committed by the B's. It has quickly gone viral among hockey fans.

When I was alerted about it by a friend on Thursday afternoon, the video had been viewed around 20,000 times. As of early Friday afternoon, it had passed 145,000.

The obvious work of a Canucks fan who is still feeling the sting of the Bruins' Stanley Cup Final triumph over his/her team last spring, "The Ironing Is Delicious" even got some positive reviews from those who claim to be Bruins fans after it showed up Thursday on Yahoo's Puck Daddy Blog. One suspects that is not a unanimous opinion, however.

As you'd expect, the video has also showed up all over Canucks-related websites (including the official Green Men Facebook page), The Montreal Gazette's Hockey Inside/Out blog (embedded in posts and linked in an earlier comments section), FanNation, Yardbarker, and the Knuckles blog of former Habs and Bruins tough guy Chris "Knuckles" Nilan. It has been thrown on the the Bruins Tumblr page by a Habs fan, various message boards and the like. It has also shown up on at least one non-hockey blog (one that's new to me), Let Freedom Rain.

MAKAVELI719696 did such a good editing and splicing job that some commenters on YouTube and the destinations above actually believe this was a real segment from John Stewart's show on Comedy Central. Technical accomplishments aside, the video is pretty much guaranteed to keep the feud between Bruins and Canucks fans at a high-rolling boil.

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