By amuir29
January 24, 2013

Boston Bruins legend Derek Sanderson will be the subject of a movie Derek Sanderson: Getting the mustache right is key. (Melchior DiGiacomo/Getty Images)

By Allan Muir

It hasn't always been this way, but it seems like now is a pretty good time to be Derek Sanderson.

The autobiography of the former Bruins great, Crossing the Line, has been on the Canadian best-seller list for three months. He was name checked last week on the hockey-friendly 30 Rock ("My mother stopped watching the Boston Bruins because she said Derek Sanderson's mustache made him look like he took his sandwiches with a pickle."--Jack Donaghy).

Now, it looks like his life story is one step closer to the big screen.

Ed Burns, best known for The Brothers McMullen, Saving Private Ryan and guest spots on Entourage, offered up some new details on the gritty Sanderson biopic, tentatively titled Turk, on the StyleBoston site.

Burns, one of the film's producers, says the script is "in terrific shape" but probably needs one more draft. "It's a father-son story, a redemption story, a story about friendships," he said.

Although Burns revealed that he'll play the "small role" of Sanderson's father, Harold, he said no other casting decisions had been made. But he has an idea of what he wants for the lead.

"This is a tricky part," Burns said. "Obviously you need someone who is a great actor. But you need someone who has some ability, some sense of the game, is able to get around on skates," he said.

Our choice? Liev Schreiber. Yeah, he's already created a classic hockey anti-hero in Goon's Ross Rhea. But he rocks a mean snot mop, and if Chris Evans can play the Human Torch and Captain America, there's obviously a little wiggle room here.

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