By amuir29
January 29, 2013

Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque had his house raided When last seen, Georges Laraque was fronting a junior players union (not for these kids). (Shawn Baldwin/AP)

By Allan Muir

It hasn't been a good year for Georges Laraque.

The now-retired 13-year NHL vet was sued by a Florida company that makes synthetic ice. He was the subject of ridicule when he became the public face of a mysterious group that claimed to represent the players of Canada's junior hockey leagues.

Then there were those beatings laid on him by Ross Rhea and Doug Glatt.

Now, this.

CTV News has reported that police raided Laraque's suburban Montreal home "as part of an ongoing fraud investigation."

"He said he was not surprised, and said police were looking for documents in connection with a dispute with a former business partner," according to the CTV story.

Shortly after the story broke, the CHLPA offered this on Twitter:

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