By amuir29
January 30, 2013

By Allan Muir

Give Brendan Shanahan credit. The league's chief disciplinarian is two-for-two on the season.

Islanders' forward Colin McDonald became the second player suspended this season by Shanahan after a vicious hit Tuesday night on Pittsburgh's Ben Lovejoy. Shanny got the call right.

By sitting him for two games (and costing him $7,567.56 in lost salary), Shanahan noted that McDonald was pursuing the puck into the corner but had his eyes on Lovejoy's back before "recklessly driving the Pittsburgh defender into the boards with great force."

McDonald was assessed a boarding major on the play, but this was the sort of black-and-white incident that cried out for supplemental discipline. Lovejoy had his back turned the entire way and McDonald had plenty of time to bail out on making contact. Add that he hit the defender about three feet from the boards -- the point at which a player has no time or space to protect himself -- and McDonald is lucky that his sentence wasn't longer. That Lovejoy suffered a bloody nose but no serious injury probably saved McDonald from a stiffer penalty.


I'm no expert in future employment trends, but I think I can see a hot new job sector hard on the horizon: Personal Twitter editor. Seems like there's a never-ending supply of potential clients who need a calm hand and a blocked send button to save them from their 140-character bursts of stupidity.

Ontario Hockey League referee Joe Monette sure could have used the help last weekend. The six-year veteran was suspended for the rest of the 2012-13 campaign, including the playoffs, after tweeting a less-than-flattering review of the women in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

"Soo Saint Marie, two words, Slim Pickens. #noteeth #hicktown #allfaties," Monette wrote last Friday night from his account @MONZY25. He'd been in the Soo officiating a game between the Greyhounds and the Windsor Spitfires...and apparently didn't do too well in the bar afterward.

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