By amuir29
January 29, 2013

It's not unusual for the same player have make multiple shootout attempts in international hockey. After the first three shots, any player can step up over and over until the thing is decided. Repeating the best players makes for brilliant theater, as anyone who watched the epic duel between Jonathan Toews, Peter Mueller and Jack Johnson at the 2007 World Juniors will recall.

But second chances aren't part of the NHL model. At least, until tonight.

Boston's Tyler Seguin was the first shooter to face New Jersey netminder Johan Hedberg after the teams remained tied at one through overtime. His first attempt was a high-speed gallop capped off with a wicked wrister that beat Hedberg high glove. Boston went up by one.

But just prior to his release, someone in the stands tossed a large cup hot dog onto the ice. Although it skittered behind Hedberg and never appeared to cross his line of sight, the Devils protested.

Can't blame 'em, right?

After a brief consultation, the officials sided with New Jersey (seemed like the right call, going by Rule 24.4), setting the Bruins back to zero and forcing Seguin back to the center dot.

No problem for Nails. The result below, courtesy of NESN.

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