By amuir29
February 02, 2013

By Allan Muir

If you're not Canadian, here's something you should probably know about us: We mythologize the hell out of hockey. Give us half an opening and we'll go on and on about frozen ponds and flipping O-Pee-Chee cards, our street hockey impersonations and trying to listen to the end of Hockey Night In Canada after our parents had sent us to bed. For generations, it's been our common language.

HNIC captured all that beautifully on this week's 60th anniversary montage, "Footsteps," narrated by author Dave Bidini, with Michael Buble, Jay Baruchel and Gord Downie, among others, sharing their memories of hockey and the show. Best part: Eric Lindros and the towels. What kid didn't imagine the day he'd finally get to drape one of those over his shoulders?

The best montage yet? Check it out for yourself:

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