By amuir29
February 09, 2013

By Allan Muir

It was a wild one in Montreal tonight where the Maple Leafs humiliated the Habs 6-0 on Hockey Night In Canada.

The highlights? A Phil Kessel goal. A 37-shot James Reimer shutout. Leafs fans whipping Montreal fans with their own Ole-ole-ole song. And enough fights to send Don Cherry to bed a happy man, including his that saw buddy Colton Orr one-punching Rene Bourque.

But this is the moment everyone will be talking about:

In the midst of a late third-period scrum, Montreal winger Max Pacioretty jumps Toronto's Mikhail Grabovski from behind. In retaliation, the Leaf appears to sink his chompers into Pacioretty's forearm.

There's plenty of video showing the moment (here's another angle), and while there's nothing as definitive as this, there's certainly enough circumstantial evidence to take it seriously. Maybe even enough for Brendan Shanahan to clear his schedule for a meeting on Monday. We could hear something about that by tomorrow.


You know, it's tough to defend a guy who may (or may not) have gone teeth first into another player. But if he did, I think Grabovski might be able to mount a reasonable defense. It looks as though Pacioretty's paw not only covers Grabovski's mouth, but his nose as well. If the guy can't breathe and can't free himself from Pacioretty's grip, as he clearly tries to do, well, it's hard to say what else he's supposed to do there.

What do you think? Did Grabovski channel The Walking Dead? And if so, should he be suspended?

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