By amuir29
March 02, 2013

The verdict is in on Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn after his vicious cheap shot on Edmonton forward Ryan Jones on Thursday night.

No suspension on the play. Surprising? Probably not. Benn's pretty much kept his nose clean before this incident and 10 grand is the maximum fine allowable so, in theory at least, the league is making a point here.

Still, the incident seems to cry out for something a little more punitive than asking Benn to fork over the cash he makes for half a period's worth of work. The Stars were being beaten up one side and down the other by the Oilers and their growing frustration was obvious in their increasingly chippy play. When Jones bumped into Dallas goalie Kari Lehtonen -- even after making an attempt to avoid contact -- it was only a matter of time before a Star retaliated.

The video details the rest: Benn comes off the bench, makes a beeline to an unsuspecting Jones and lays a two-hander on his lower back.

Pretty tough to argue that was a hockey play. But it wasn't enough to convince Shanny to sit Benn down.

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