By amuir29
March 13, 2013

By Allan Muir

Philly agitator Zac Rinaldo might be the only guy held in lower regard around New Jersey than those Southern congressmen who voted against funding Hurricane Sandy relief, so I'm guessing no one in the Prudential Center was too sorry to see him get blown up by Ryan Carter tonight.

Shoot, there was probably a hat being passed around the arena to raise funds for a statue in honor of the heroic Devil.

The league's Department of Player Safety will probably take a dimmer view of the incident in which Carter appeared to intentionally instigate knee-on-knee contact with Rinaldo midway through the first period of New Jersey's 5-2 win over the Flyers.

Sometimes these collisions are purely accidental, the result of two players oblivious to one another who end up occupying the same ice at the same time.

This one...not so much. Looking at this replay, it's going to be tough for Carter to convince anyone there was no ill intent on this play.

Look for him to get a meeting with DPS tomorrow, with a suspension of at least a couple games for his effort.

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