By amuir29
April 05, 2013

Zach Redmond's scar In an NHL season full of ghastly injuries, Winnipeg defenseman Zach Redmond's must surely be the most dangerous.

By Allan Muir

It's been about six weeks since we heard the frightening reports from a Winnipeg Jets practice that rookie defenseman Zach Redmond had suffered a serious cut to his thigh and was bleeding profusely on the ice.

Not long after, we learned that the skate of teammate Antti Miettinen had slashed through Redmond's femoral artery and he easily could have bled to death if not for the fast action of team trainers and surgeons.

"I’ve been doing this for 12 years and that’s easily the most-grave incident I’ve been a part of, for sure," Jets head athletic therapist Rob Milette told the Winnipeg Free Press. "He lost a lot of blood there and his heart was definitely struggling. We were monitoring his vitals, checking his pulse. His pulse was really weak and really slow. He was pale. He was starting to tell us he was getting thirsty and that told us he had lost a lot of blood."

Awful stuff.

But hearing about it and seeing it are two different things.

The photo above, tweeted by CBC's Mitch Peacock, gruesomely illustrates just how lucky Redmond is to have survived the gash.

More amazing: Redmond returned to practice today. He's not expected to be back this season (barring a deep playoff run by the Jets, so, um, you know), but he will return to action. Good stuff.

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