By amuir29
April 12, 2013

You gotta hand it to Mike Richards. Named one of the three stars in Thursday night's win over the Avalanche, the Kings' forward took the customary twirl then looked for someone in the stands he could gift with his game stick. He skated by a bunch of adults, including one goober wearing a crown, until he spied the perfect recipients: a mom holding her young son.

Now, the glass was too high between them for Richards to simply hand it to her, so he carefully tossed up and over the barrier. And the mom, perhaps calling back to her days in youth baseball, went for the fundamentally sound two-handed grab...which would have been a great decision if she didn't drop her son in the process.

Now, to be fair, there probably isn't a parent out there who hasn't had a kid slip or wiggle out of their grasp at some point. But chances are we weren't chasing a souvenir at the time and the moment wasn't caught on live TV and then chucked up on YouTube for everyone to have good fun with.

The beauty here? The poster put it up in slow motion, which I'd guess is exactly how the mom is reliving her decision even as we speak.

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