By amuir29
April 19, 2013

By Allan Muir

We're not quite sure what was behind the Dodgers' Pride Night that the Los Angeles Kings hosted on Thursday night. It's not like the defending Cup champs needed to coat-tail off a team that just got swept by the Padres and is averaging a whopping 2.73 runs per game, but maybe the chance to work up a pregame sweat in Dodger Blue warm-ups was too great to pass on.

And hey, any chance to wheel 85-year-old legend Tommy Lasorda out in front of an adoring L.A. crowd is probably worth the effort, right?

Sort of. Lasorda, on hand for the ceremonial puck drop, has probably looked happier on his way to see the proctologist than he did as he waddled out to center ice where Dustin Brown and Jack Johnson were waiting. He chatted briefly with the Kings' captain, dropped the biscuit, shook hands with Brown...and then turned his back and walked away, completely blowing off the Blue Jackets' Johnson.

Now, etiquette states that the puck dropper shake the hands of both players, but maybe Lasorda was unaware of that fine hockey tradition. It's possible, right?

Nope. The snub was intentional. "You do not talk to the opposition," he later told a Fox Sports reporter.

What a competitor.

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