By amuir29
May 09, 2013

By Allan Muir

Is there anything Mike Fisher can't do? First he does most of the heavy lifting for Nashville's offense. Now he has to carry the team's marketing department as well.

Facing a run-off this week against Detroit forward Pavel Datsyuk in the EA Sports NHL 14 Cover Vote contest, Fisher took it upon himself to pitch the big ideas needed to win fan support.

He's ready to ride the coattails of pop culture trends ("How about battle axes? Game of Thrones is kind of a big deal right now."), enlist celebrity friends ("I thought we could get a couple guys...Paisley, McGraw...") and take shots at his opponent ("I don't see Datsyuk coming up with any ideas, do you?").

And if it comes down to it, he's not afraid to ask the tough questions ("Do you think Queen Elizabeth has Google?") or to carry a man purse. Yes, a man purse. Hey, if you were that dreamy, you could get away with it, too.

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