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June 06, 2013

By Allan Muir

An annotated guide to this morning's must-read hockey stories:

• I wrote yesterday about how playing with pain was the price for pursuing the Cup. ('s Stu Hackel also offered up a take with some examples from the mists of time.) Looks like we can add Gregory Campbell's name to the list of players marked Paid In Full. And if you don't realize how critical this fourth liner is to Boston's fortunes, well, you haven't been paying attention to the Bruins. He and his minutes will be tough to replace.

• Campbell's heroic play typifies what the Bruins have become during these playoffs.

• I've been telling my two hockey-playing sons to watch certain players through the years to help mold their impressions of how the game should be played. This guy has been at the very top of that list all along. I think they're finally starting to understand why.

• Maybe, just maybe, the Bruins picked up the right greybeard at the trade deadline. Haven't liked much of Jaromir Jagr's game during these playoffs, but that was a veteran move leading up to last night's game-winner.

• The Penguins got the superlative bounce-back effort they needed from Tomas Vokoun. But there wasn't any solution for this goaltending problem.

• The result didn't match the effort put in by the Penguins, argues Shelly Anderson.

• There will be fingers pointed in the wake of this loss, which is too bad considering how much more effectively the Pens competed. But there was one critical area where Pittsburgh truly failed and it might end up costing them this series.

• Can't argue with Points A and B of Dejan Kovacevic's piece, but I'd argue there was a better fit for Point C. Read it and see what you think.

• So we now know that "It was an accident!" isn't a viable defense for anyone who is called on the carpet by chief disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan. A lack of any better excuses means that Chicago has to figure out how to win Game 4 while Duncan Keith serves his high-sticking suspension.

Jeff Carter is looking to apply some supplementary discipline of his own by leading the Kings to a win in tonight's Game 4.

• Coming into the series, Jonathan Quick seemed to give Los Angeles a clear edge between the pipes. Three games in, Chicago's Corey Crawford has obliterated that advantage.

• I like Patrick Kane's attitude about his scoring funk. Now let's see if he can actually change up his game.

• Sounds like the Hawks have figured out what was missing from their Game 3 performance: they didn't try hard enough. Look for them to rectify that tonight. Or not.

• Injured King Mike Richards took to the ice yesterday, but it's who he skated with that caught everyone's attention.

• Alain Vigneault's approach in Vancouver makes him the the perfect fit for the Rangers, writes Pat Leonard.

• The NHL's competition committee is taking aim at goalies again in an effort to bump up scoring.

• It probably comes as no surprise that not everyone was thrilled with the competition committee's recommendation that incoming players be forced to wear visors starting next season.

• If you ever wanted to drape yourself in the sweat-stained gear of your favorite Maple Leaf, your chance is just around the corner. Actually, there are some pretty good deals to be had here. I could use a new pair of breezers.

• I didn't get to see this friendly discourse between Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury on the future of fighting in hockey. Now that I have, I think the only honorable thing would have been for these two to start throwing bombs. But that's me. And probably Don Cherry.

• One promising Finn snubs the Blues while another signs with the Flames. This could be a huge deal for Calgary.

• The Carolina Hurricanes have a problem with their co-tenants at PNC Arena. From the sounds of things, they might be dealing with someone who isn't what you'd call reasonable.

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