By amuir29
September 04, 2013

By Allan Muir

I'll say this much about the new Buffalo Sabres third jersey that was "leaked" early this afternoon by Steve Ott on Twitter . . .

Nope, I can't do it. I wanted to say something vaguely positive like, "Maybe they'll look better on the ice" or "These will be a huge hit with scofflaws looking for an alternative to the traditional orange reflective vest when they're doing their roadside community service." You know, because real people who were paid money for their input apparently tried their best to come up with something snazzy and vibrant that would inspire the team, rev up the fans and keep the cash registers ringing in the merch shop.

But there's no sugarcoating this, is there? This is flat out awful. This is Jaden Smith-meets-M. Night Shyamalan terrible, an epic miscalculation that makes the Team USA Olympic jersey that was universally reviled last week look like the gracefully elegant Sainte-Flanelle of the Canadiens by comparison.

GALLERY: Bizarre NHL Third Jerseys

In fact, that two-tone yellow body with the tiny Buffalo wordmark over the logo is so inconceivably bad, I'm thinking this has to be a bit aimed at working the internet into a lather ahead of revealing the classically beautiful real new third.

Come on, Otter. Come clean with us. It's a joke, right?


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