By amuir29
October 02, 2013

Maple Leafs fans mocking George ParrosMaple Leafs fans making fun of Canadiens' enforcer George Parros after he was injured in a fight with Colton Orr.

By Allan Muir

The deep-seated rivalry between the Canadiens and the Maple Leafs goes beyond hockey. For generations of Canadians, it represents the Two Solitudes of French-speaking and English-speaking culture.

It can get a bit intense, as good sporting rivalries will, but most understand there's a limit to how intense -- that there's a line that should not be crossed. Most.

Last night, a couple of Toronto "fans" decided to toss basic human empathy aside and cross it.

In the wake of George Parros' spirit-crushing injury last night, a pair of Leafs supporters decided it would be LOL funny to mimic the Canadiens' enforcer as he lay prone on the ice. Oh yeah, they even called it "Parrosing" because hey, it's just like planking!

A CBC reporter, Mathieu Gohier, found the image on Instagram and posted it to Twitter.

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