By amuir29
October 29, 2013

Matt Moulson scored two goals in his debut with the Buffalo Sabres. Ex-Islander Matt Moulson (26) scored twice in his debut with the Buffalo Sabres. (Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images)

By Allan Muir

An annotated guide to this morning's must-read hockey stories:

• Did you hear that new Sabre Matt Moulson had himself a pretty decent night?

• A source says the Sabres were willing to make Thomas Vanek the highest-paid player in hockey as part of a long-term extension offer. Fact or spin? Tough to say, but considering how poorly this team has spent its money since owner Terry Pegula took over, this one rings true.

• Here's something you won't see every day: Bucky Gleason complimenting Darcy Regier. Of course, it's not all peaches and cream from the veteran columnist/GM basher.

• Dave Shoalts, like many before him, considers the depth of Buffalo's problems and wonders whether Regier is the man to solve them.

• It was an an emotional return to Buffalo for former Sabres coach Lindy Ruff, who got the win and the standing ovation. Good to see that his return was handled appropriately after the team bungled a chance to honor former captain Jason Pominville a couple of weeks back.

• And here's video proving that Sabres fans are target="_blank">some of the best in hockey.

• It looked like the Flyers were going to need a miracle to get their season back in order. Maybe a blessing from the Pope will do the trick.

• Brand new Garden. Same old Rangers. The boys in blue are saying all the right things about competing and effort and creating bounces, but they continue to get out-worked, out-hustled and out-chanced on a nightly basis.

• Damien Cox sings the Ballad of Torts and AV. It's a sad song for one of 'em.

• Dave Stubbs offers up a curious stat about the history between the Habs and Rangers at MSG.

• A very candid Erik Karlsson would like the media to stop suggesting that he walks on water. Sounds like the Senators are starting to feel the pressure of their brutal start.

• Here's Brandon Saad target="_blank">doing his best Patrick Kane impression . . . with Kane himself on the receiving end. "Yeah, he might be rubbing off on me," Saad said.

• It's not just the wishful thinking of a delusional fan base anymore: the Maple Leafs are actually a pretty good hockey team.

• One of Toronto's cast-offs is looking forward to running a few ex-teammates through the boards tomorrow night.

Steven Stamkos likes the fact that no one is talking about the Lightning's 8-3 start. Wait . . . the Lightning are 8-3???

• Nashville's radio broadcast is a man short after the team's play-by-play man resigned abruptly on Monday night. Guessing this isn't the last we hear of this story.

• The Canucks confirmed the worst fears about injured center Jordan Schroeder, but there was some good news for the team on Monday night.

• Thirteen games into the season and the Winnipeg Jets have excelled at just one thing: inventing new ways to lose games. Ted Wyman says it's time for this team to stop shooting itself in the foot.

• Just last week, the possibility of future injuries was raised as one reason for keeping junior-eligible defender Olli Maatta in Pittsburgh. Guess it was better to be safe than sorry after all.


• And speaking of great, if slightly horrifying Halloween costumes . . .

• There are two different kinds of goaltending controversies. Edmonton's is the kind that looks at a guy like Richard Bachman and thinks it sees a solution.

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