By amuir29
November 07, 2013

By Allan Muir

I was kibbitzing with a couple of hockey folks last week about Team Canada and the likelihood that one player in particular would earn a chance to wear the maple leaf in Sochi.

Surprisingly, both expressed reservations about Matt Duchene making the club.

"Just not sure he's there yet," said one. "They have so many options up front," said the other. "Has he done enough to stand out from crowd? I'm not so sure."

To me, Duchene is all but a lock at this point. He's versatile enough to play the wing. He's stronger on the puck than ever and diligent at both ends of the ice. He's matured into a tremendous leader.

And then there's his speed.

Duchene is fast. Really, really fast, as you can see from watching his goal in last night's game against the Predators.

Think that kind of speed might be useful on the big ice?

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