By amuir29
November 08, 2013

Roberto Luongo is coming off his best opening month in six years and the only thing anyone remembers about his October is the ridiculous goal he scored on behalf of the Montreal Canadiens.

One of the worst of all time? Maybe by October's standards. But here we are just a week into November and he's somehow managed to top that ignominious moment.

The first shot he faced tonight against San Jose wasn't even a shot, really. At least not one that would have counted in the official stats. Joe Thornton dumped it in off the end boards and then watched as it acted like it had a grudge against Luongo, bouncing off the back of the net, rolling up on top and then out in front, falling in the perfect spot for the spinning keeper to knock it in with his glove.

Just like Thornton worked on it in practice, no doubt.

Luongo's going to take a lot of heat for this one, but honestly, there's no reason to think he could -- or should -- have played it any differently. This was the definition of a bad bounce. Maybe one of the worst ever.

It's gonna be a tough one to live down. And even tougher to top next month.

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