By amuir29
November 12, 2013

Ray Emery and Braden Holtby in a goalie fight.Ray Emery's beatdown of Braden Holtby was on the agenda, but the GMs put it on the backburner. (Getty Images)

By Allan Muir

The NHL's general managers gathered today in Toronto for their semi-annual meetings. A number of intriguing topics were on the agenda, not the least of which was what to do, if anything, about deterring a goalie set-to like the one that occurred on November 1 in Philadelphia.

Here's a quick round-up what's being reported from the scene via Twitter:

This issue may have some immediacy now, but given how often goalie fights occur, I doubt this will be a pressing matter when they meet again in the spring.

Wow, common sense. If an offensive player's shot leaves the surface on its own, the face-off comes back to the neutral zone. Since these scenarios don't involve the action of a defensive player, they should be treated the same way.

Hockey people hate the shootout, but fans, at least a sizable majority, love it. There may come a point when OT is tinkered with -- I think a three-minute three-on-three is a viable option down the road -- but I'm not sure there's enough support for something like that now.

Very interesting discussion point. Currently, teams continue to defend the same zone as in the third period. Switching to the opposite end for the start of OT would possibly create opportunities off of poor line changes, but it might also lead to more dump-ins with risk minimization the priority . . . and that would defeat the purpose.

There are going to be the occasional calls that tick off one team or another, but the early results suggest this rule is playing well. Bottom line, no one's been hurt since implementation, and that's what this is all about.

Hard to imagine them tweaking it midseason.

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