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November 21, 2013

By Allan Muir

You probably wouldn't know Isaiah Mustafa by name, but you'd recognize his half-naked body in a heartbeat.

Mustafa and his chiseled chest shot to fame in 2011 with a brilliant series of commercials for Old Spice. But it turns out he's not just the man your girlfriend wants you to be. According to William Douglas over at The Color Of Hockey blog, he's also a hardcore hockey guy.

Really, really hardcore.

Mustafa, who describes himself as a longtime fan of the Los Angeles Kings, first played hockey back in 2001, but only started taking it seriously during the last year after scrubbing out at a weekend warriors tournament in Montreal.

"[I told myself] I gotta catch up with these dudes who’ve been playing all their lives," he told Douglas. "If I don’t start by doing crazy training, which I’m used to from football, I’ll be one of the dudes that just gets out there – a weekend player. I can’t just do that. I literally have to be the best I can be."

Mustafa, who played wideout for Arizona State and the Barcelona Dragons of NFL Europe, was also on the practice squads of four NFL teams, so he doesn't take training lightly. He fires at least 300 pucks daily into the net he has set up in his garage. When he's home, he’s at his local rink early every morning for pickup hockey, and when he travels, he packs his favorite twig so he can work on his stickhandling.

One of those upcoming trips will be to Sochi, where he'll be doing some Old Spice promotions and taking in a few games from the hockey tournament.

from Mustafa in his original piece

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