By amuir29
December 12, 2013

By Allan Muir

You know Brian Burke had a hard morning. He had to fire Jay Feaster, a man he described as a good friend, and another man, John Wiesbrod, that he said he hardly knew. No doubt there were meetings held on the fly, conference calls and all sorts of distractions. And honestly, he probably didn't get a lot of sleep last night knowing that this whole thing was going down today.

MUIR: Timing of Feaster's firing is curious

He had a lot on his mind. Enough that he probably didn't give much thought to his personal presentation before he stepped up to the podium to address the media at the Saddledome.

In other words, he had good reason for it ... but the guy was a mess.

Tie loosely knotted. Hair a bird could nest in. Not that anyone in the media was going to give him grief about it. Most of us are adherents to "homeless chic," after all.

But Burkie's kids sure weren't going to let the old man off the hook:

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