By amuir29
December 15, 2013

By Allan Muir

WARNING: This video contains language that is not safe for your workplace and unsuitable for younger readers.

Somewhere in Vancouver is a man who is very lucky to be in one piece.

Sometime after Milan Lucic and the Boston Bruins were throttled 6-2 by the Canucks on Saturday night, the hulking winger joined friends at a Vancouver nightclub. What happened next isn't fully clear, but a video posted to YouTube on Sunday by user "Nick N" captures the aftermath of altercation between Lucic and the unnamed man.

The two are seen and heard exchanging words, apparently after being separated by police. Lucic states that he was hit by the man "three times," although there's no evidence of that seen on the tape. There is, however, evidence of Lucic's admirable self-restraint: the other guy was walking and talking, rather than being scraped off the sidewalk and carted away in an ambulance.


"Other than being at Rogers Arena, you'll never see me in downtown Vancouver again," Lucic told Boston reporters on Monday. "I'm done trying to defend city I'm from"

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