By amuir29
January 15, 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin playing hockey A formidable presence on the world stage, Vladimir Putin is a certifiable puckhead. (AFP/Getty Images)

By Allan Muir

Say this for Vladimir Putin: If you overlook his immense power and his reputation as a "ruthless" and "sinister tyrant," he's a hockey guy. He loves the game passionately, so much so that he's said that if Russia wins only one Olympic medal at next month's Sochi Games, that will be fine with him ... as long as it's the men's hockey gold.

The 61-year-old even straps on the skates every now and then with buddies like Pavel Bure for a little high-end shinny:

So you'd think a guy like that probably has the basics of the game down pat. Like, for example, how to put on his helmet. Then again ...

Remember, folks: This man has his finger on a nuclear trigger.

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