By amuir29
January 24, 2014

The Dallas Stars on their bench with coach Lindy Ruff. Like the famed pop singer, the young Stars are hopefully learning from their mistakes. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)

By Allan Muir

An annotated guide to this morning's must-read hockey stories:

• Somehow, Mike Heika has managed to draw a parallel from Justin Bieber's rise to stardom and recent DUI arrest to Dallas' young Stars learning how to win. This is gold, Jerry.

• OK, so does this mean that the Maple Leafs' parade is off again?

• Given all the efforts made to increase awareness and tolerance during the past few years, is the NHL actually any closer to having an openly gay player?

Steven Stamkos says he's "91 percent sure" he'll be ready for Sochi.

Jaden Schwartz says that what his Blues teammates are doing for him today "means more than anyone will probably realize."

• Some candid, and business savvy, comments from Thomas Vanek regarding the upcoming NHL trade deadline. The most eye opening comment? He says he'd be open to signing with the Islanders as a free agent in July even if GM Garth Snow decides to swap him at the deadline.

• How have the Canadiens gone from being the hunters to the hunted in the Atlantic Division? Check out what's happened to their team goals-against average.

• The bruising that Zach Parise took from his Wild teammates in the wake of his modeling gig might have been more painful than the broken foot he just finished rehabbing.

• Eric Duhatschek ponders the engineering marvel that is laying, and keeping, ice at Dodger Stadium.

• Aspiring country singers dream of a Nashville debut as successful as Michael Del Zotto's.

• Speaking of the Predators, how about this stats pack? Sometimes a little competition goes a long way.

• When you're as desperate for offense as the Canucks, a 39-year-old who's spent the season on the couch can start to look pretty good.

• On pace to set a new franchise record for futility, the Oilers are looking at the Olympic break as a chance to recalibrate their game and finish off the season on a high.

Jordan Eberle knows that he's the subject of trade bait rumors, but he's just focusing on helping Edmonton win.

• Here's the moment when Darcey Kuemper learned the hard way that it's wise to keep a spare goalie at the rink.

• Halfway through the season, the rebuilding Flames still aren't sure if they have their next starting goalie.

• This works for me: A hockey legend will be the flag bearer for Canada at the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi next month.

• It wasn't just another record-setting win on a franchise milestone night for the Blue Jackets. This was about making a thump in the standings.

• Lost in all of Thursday night's wonderment: a nice, disciplined performance by the goal judge in Columbus.

Sergei Bobrovsky Semyon Varlamov to start for Russia in Sochi?

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