By nickstoico
March 04, 2014

By Nick Stoico

Just a classic hockey moment Tuesday night in Newark. The Devils beat Detroit 4-3, but Red Wings forward Daniel Alfredsson lost a little more than the game.

With about 3:00 left in the second period, New Jersey's Andrei Loktionov wrestled with Alfredsson for inside position as the two glided into the end boards behind the the Detroit net. Loktionov's feet got tripped up and as he went down, his stick came up sending the blade right into Alfredsson's mouth.

Alfredsson grabbed his face in a mix of pain and surprise, but it appeared not to be a crisis for the 19-year NHL veteran as he bent over, picked his missing two teeth up off the ice and brought them to the bench. He showed some toughness by not missing a single shift, but the real bravery comes tomorrow morning when Alfredsson will visit everyone's favorite practitioner.

Pascal Dupuis pulling his own tooth out Islanders John Tavares being his own dentist earlier this season.

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